Are you ready for Christmas?

I am actually thinking about it earlier than I ever have this year. I think it’s the excitement I have for our kids.

Do not let me fool you. I am not the person who has Christmas songs playing or even a tree up … yet.

Every year, I have the best intentions to get everything done early but they simply remain good intentions.

This year, I almost forgot about Thanksgiving? Who does that? I am going to shift the blame to the stores – I mean they’ve had their Christmas items and ads out since July, right?

Some of my Facebook and Instagram friends have posted pictures of a fully decorated house, perfectly trimmed tree and presents wrapped and ready to go. Mchalie already wrote a letter to Santa over a month ago. I can appreciate each of you and admire your organization, but I’m not there yet.

I am very excited, because this is my short list of accomplishments for Christmas 2018:

1. I found my sister an ornament I couldn’t pass up. (I wrote their names and colored Dan’s hair. I’m still searching for my brown permanent marker for Kelsey’s hair! I’m well-known for buying presents and cards and never sending or delivering them, so I hope I really ship this gift to her.)

2. I couldn’t pass up this ornament to represent our family.

(Find these ornaments at Meijer.)

3. We had several house showings scheduled (as of two nights ago), so I found my glittery, thrifted BELIEVE sign and put it on the open shelf in the kitchen. It feels like a Christmas decor start, but if you could scan to the right, the glass, Halloween pumpkin never made it into storage and the pumpkins the kids drew on are still on the front porch.

4. Finally, I scheduled family photos for the first time in years, because if you visit you can’t find a printed photo of Preston in the house – yet. I know I bought a CD of photos in the hospital; I just have to find it. I’m excited for Christmas photos.

(For the record, I don’t think I have printed photos in years. Preston is very sweet and very loved and deserves to be somewhere in a frame or as a canvas; I’ll get there.)

5. A potential surprise is planned that I can’t reveal yet. 😀

I don’t know? I love Christmas, but am I behind? Are you ready for Christmas?

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