Since Blakely’s 1st Birthday, we haven’t done official family photos (and they were really 1st year photos for her).

Photo credit: Marisa Lies.

Blakely will turn 3 in the coming weeks (party theme: Shimmer & Shine), and Preston is going to have his 1st birthday, so I figured photos were long overdue.

Today is the day.

These photos may end up being our Christmas card, but I’m not sure? I haven’t sent Christmas cards since 2011.

I’ve kept our outfits in a “Christmas Theme” just in case I’m extremely motivated and send out cards this year.

Here’s a photo of our potential outfits.

This is the most prepared I have ever been for photos. Typically, minutes before photos, I have a duffel bag, and I throw everything in because I just can’t choose. I even found pieces of outfits Mchalie wore in photos when she was a toddler that Blakely may wear.

I’ll let you see how they turn out.

(Blakely, my helper, who is really into posing for photos right now – and shy – so family photos could be interesting!)

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