Today’s storm reminded me that my mom had recently sent photos in our text messages.

(Isn’t my mom cute?)

Even though we live away from where I was born and raised, where most of my family resides, and where we spent a good portion of time raising our oldest, Mchalie, I still consider it home.

My mom sends photos of my favorite place – our family camp (likely called a cabin by the world outside of my hometown) on Lake Superior – to let me see what I’m missing until we visit. The camp has been in our family for three decades.

They had unseasonably warm weather last week, so she captured some really great photos on the beach of the camp.

The creek that flows into Lake Superior. It changes every year. I am always excited to see the direction and depth after each winter thaw.

I always comb the rocks for agates and beach glass. It’s so relaxing.

Great ice formations.

My dad scouring the beach for agates and beach glass.

They thought this was a plastic bag hanging from the rope where a swing often hands, but it was an ice formation!

I will admit, I love summer and fall at home much more than winter, but it sure is beautiful.

I’ll end with a cute selfie.

Keep sending photos, mom!

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