Is this awkward? I feel like I should write about gifts we love to receive AFTER I retire from teaching.

I’m sure I may be breaking some etiquette rule, yet in a world where we buy most of what you find in our classrooms, we love teacher gifts!

My non-teacher friends frequently ask for teacher-gift-giving advice, but let me back up by saying, in all sincerity, we don’t want any gifts for teaching; however … for a few dollars, you could help make a teacher feel very appreciated.

I provided some ideas and links with $5 gifts (or close – except my Yeti), but you will definitely be able to find most of these in your local stores and possibly on sale, too!

If you spend a bit more, a gift basket with these would be an amazing idea, too!

Show those teachers some love. ❤️

Teacher gift ideas:

1. Clorox Wipes – $6

Hey, we are practical, and we use these a lot.

2. Hand Sanitizer – $6

This keeps us happy and healthy.

3. Sugar Jar from Target by Magnolia (Joanna Gaines) – $6

I love mine! You could add a little more to the gift to incorporate the sugar theme – cookie mix?

4. Your favorite book (at the grade-level we teach) for the classroom library – with a message for the students to read when they choose the book from the classroom library shelf.

Example: Wonder by R. J. Polacio – $9

(Or … visit a local thrift store or your personal library and donate books to our classroom library. We spend a lot of time hunting down books, and we aren’t against thrifting and heading to garage sales. We love a gift card to Barnes & Noble, too.)

5. Gift Cards for Local Coffee*

We run on caffeine!

*If we enjoy adult beverages, we would like those gift cards as well. Just don’t send the real deal in a gift bag to school. 😆 Kidding, of course.

6. Expo Marker Set – $5

Let’s face it – by this time of the year, we are trying to use whatever we have left in every.single.marker.

7. Reusable Baking Cups – $3

If we bake, these are great! What a great price, too. This is for the set of 12, but you can buy larger sets as well. At this price, you could add the ingredients for cupcakes!

8. Chocolate – $10

We rarely buy ourselves the expensive chocolate.

9. Tissue – $6

If the school provides tissue for the students, it’s typically a little bit like sandpaper, so we try to supply the tissue for our students.

10. Coffee Mug (with a twist) – $25

I am loving my Yeti! It keeps my coffee warm until I’m ready to drink it, and it’s cute! This would make a very happy teacher!

I found mine at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but it’s on Amazon as well.

Thanks for thinking of a teacher! Let me know if you use any of the ideas.

Finally, if your student took the time to write us a letter, that would beat every gift on the list and something we would cherish for years.


Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases; however, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. I share links as an Amazon Associate, but these are real purchases. The small commissions received help to pay for this website.

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