Our prior home was for sale for quite some time, when my mom reminded me that we needed to bury St. Joseph to help us sell the house.

Photo: Our prior home in Michigan.

I know that must sound strange if you haven’t heard about burying St. Joseph to sell your home, but shortly after burying him and saying the prayers, we received an offer in the off-season of the real estate market and sold.

Fast forward, and our other home has been for sale for quite some time (especially in the current real estate market). I can’t believe I forgot about St. Joseph, but my aunt left a comment on a social media post, asking if I had buried him this time – I hadn’t!

(St. Joseph Kit

Finally, St. Joseph has arrived and as soon as we have some time, we will bury him and say the prayers.

I will keep you posted. May St. Joseph once again sell our home and a place of honor he will have in our next home.

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