One of our favorite recipes around here is a variation of a meal my mother-in-law makes (more about her version in a minute).

Personally, I can’t tolerate a lot of gluten, so this is an easy, go-to meal. You can make a very healthy version of this as well by substituting a few items.

Basically, this is a hamburger with shredded cheese and lettuce without the bun (and some dressing if you want to add it!)

My mother-in-law crunches up Doritos (Nacho Cheese) and adds them to this recipe. Yum!

What’s the secret ingredient that can add a lot of calories very quickly but makes it really tasty? Thousand Island Dressing. Everything in moderation and a small amount goes a long way! (Tastes a little bit like the Big Mac without the bun! Also, my husband found this dressing at Menards for $2.50! It’s a large bottle, too.)

Variations to the recipe:

  • Use turkey hamburger.
  • Skip the dressing and add tomatoes (chopped).
  • Use a different kind of lettuce (romaine).
  • Eliminate shredded cheese.
  • Add corn!
  • Add a variety of veggies that you’d add to a burger!

Let me know how it tastes!

Update: We made a version of this today, but I added corn and one family member wanted it in a wrap. I was planning on having some leftovers, but the kids loved it so there’s nothing left.

(Side note! This was a really great trick to get our daughter who was low on iron to eat some red meat.)

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