We all do our best to do what we believe is best for our kids.

Years ago, I started to explore the lack of regulations for personal care products.

It was bothersome – to say the least.

The lack of regulations for adult products was horrifying, but it was even scarier thinking about what I may be unknowingly exposing my child to with the everyday products I believed were safe.

My hunt uncovered a company out of the UK with very strict, organic regulations since 1981.


I have shopped with them ever since that discovery.

I love their baby products.

Here’s what I use for my kids:

For the baby shampoo, a little drop goes a long way.

I have friends who swear by the baby balm, because baby rashes resolve immediately. We have the same experience.

If it feels like it’s a little more expensive, but they last so much longer.

There is an expiration date on each bottle, because these are organic.

Please be sure to read each label and product description closely. There are some recommendations for use based on age.

I’m not strictly organic, but I try to male changes when I can.

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