We had a scare in the fall of 2019. Blakely was severely anemic and very ill.

(Update: It took a year of iron for Blakely’s iron levels to return to just above normal.)

Her love of milk was blocking her iron absorption.

Blakely has a prescription from her pediatrician because her blood work revealed very low levels, but we wanted something for Mchalie as well.

Ryan went on the hunt and these had fantastic reviews:

Renzo’s vitamins for kids.

  • Zero sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

In all honesty, I’ve struggled with anemia as well, but I never felt great from the iron I picked up at the drugstore, so I’m taking these as well. I have a gluten sensitivity, so I think that’s part of why I tolerate these so well.

It’s important to note that iron absorbs best when combined with Vitamin C – another reason we love these!

Please – always do the research and read all of the information before taking any vitamins, but for now – this is the one we are using and anemia is a scary thing!

I know we wish our children would get all of their vitamins and nutrients from what they eat, but it’s hard to make sure that happens. Kids can be such picky eaters.

You can read more about this product for iron and Vitamin C here:


Renzo’s has other dissolvable, vegan vitamins for kids as well.

This blog is never to replace medical advice. Just some of the things we have found that seem to be beneficial. I hope we save you some time hunting!

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