The Little Catholic has the cutest jewelry (and more)!

She’s offering a special code: Royale15 until March 15th for 15% off.

I have been following her on Instagram for several years.

I was so excited to finally buy a necklace!

I love the miraculous medal, and it’s a beautiful gift for under $20.

I wanted something different and special for Mchalie’s Valentine’s Day gift. (Typically, she chooses the latest doll to review or an art project, but I wanted to surprise her.)

Everyone in my family has a special miraculous medal; I wanted to get her one as well.

Don’t forget to use your special code. She has a lot of beautiful options.

The Little Catholic has offered a special code to you – Royale15 – valid until March 15th – 15% off!

She has so many beautiful options:

She has so many beautiful options.

You even get the rosary bag (made in Greece) with the rosary below!

Look at these beautiful colors!

I love her magnets, too!

Happy Shopping!

Let me know what you find!

I am not affiliated in The Little Catholic. I purchased the necklace, love it and want to share! As a gracious gesture, readers of my blog get 15% from her online store. I do not receive any money nor rewards from purchases. Just sharing a beautiful necklace and helping the blog readers.

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