Wool (or Alpaca) Dryer Balls: A Nontoxic Drying Option by Eve

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First, I have to start by apologizing to my new friend, Eve. There is simply no way that this short piece of writing can do our phone conversation, or her life, talent and ways of living, justice.

Eve is – to put simply – one of the most fascinating and kind people I have ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with.

Her life has taken her from London, to the south of France, to living off the grid in Nevada, and she just can’t get any cooler – until I add that she is self-taught at her craft, and she has a great love for the Earth and animals.

I found Eve via Neals Yard Remedies (NYR Organic) and Instagram in June of 2016. I was slowly making changes to eliminate toxins and chemicals in our life, and I wanted to try dryer balls next.

When I asked Eve if she would be willing to be featured on my blog, because I am still in LOVE with her wool dryer balls, she was so grateful.

We talked on the phone for over an hour. In that time, it was clear that Eve has a love for the Earth, her animals, her faith and has a true passion for what does.

To say she is inspiring and wonderful is simply an understatement.

When you buy Eve’s amazing work (yes, there’s much more than dryer balls), you are doing your part to help the Earth, to help take care of a family that lives a beautiful life off the grid, and to help remove harmful chemicals from your home.

Let’s talk about these dryer balls! These are a must have and do NOT compare to any store-bought set – these are the REAL deal! You need to get yours from Eve.

How is my set of dryer balls from 2016 holding up? Excellent! My clothes are never full of static. (And I only have 1 left, because someone threw one of mine away when I moved, because they didn’t know it was a dryer ball! Be sure to teach the people in your home what dryer balls are all about.)

Will I miss the smell of dryer sheets? No, when I add a drop of an essential oil, like lavender, it adds a light fragrance to my load. In fact, you’ll be overwhelmed by the chemicals of a dryer sheet once you’ve gone without them!

How long do the dryer balls last? At least 5 years. It really just depends on how may washes you do and the kind of laundry you are doing.

How much are the dryer balls? $15/pair (wool with alpaca fiber inside – they work better this way based on Eve’s experience and testing). Or pure alpaca balls for $20/pair. The alpaca are hyper-allergenic. Both require an additional cost to cover shipping.

Will these decrease our drying time? Yes – possibly up to 50%. (More money and energy saved!)

Why should I get rid of dryer sheets? They are full of chemicals! We are impacted by chemicals each and every day. What a great way to eliminate more chemicals from our lives. Also, these dryer balls reduce static naturally.

Is there anything else dryer balls do? They collect debris, like tissue, in the dryer. Also, they soften clothes and naturally air them out, and you can put essential oils on them.

Would you recommend using any other essential oils (besides lavender) on the dryer balls? Yes, you could use a blend of essential oils, especially those to combat winter illnesses.

Where can I find Eve and these dryer balls?

You can find Eve on Facebook:


You can find Eve on Instagram:

Also, check out her business card in the photos above for her email and phone number.

I have been sincerely blessed to make a friend like Eve.

I hope you support Eve and love your new purchase.

I am not affiliated with Eve in any way. I’m simply sharing something I love and feel like everyone should have an opportunity to use – instead of harmful chemical-filled dryer sheets (and more).

7 Replies to “Wool (or Alpaca) Dryer Balls: A Nontoxic Drying Option by Eve”

  1. Thanks for this post. I plan to check these out since my dryer balls need replaced soon. What detergent do you use and do you use fabric softener or just the dryer balls? My daughter has a rash that isn’t completed gone yet so trying to switch things over to more natural which I was starting to do anyways. If you can do a list of natural products you have switched to or recommend that would be great! Thanks! Love your posts!

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    1. Thanks so much for the tips! How many balls do you use – 2? I am trying method free and clear now and going to change fabric softener or eliminate too. Yes, we have tried some things with her diet but what they think it is now is Pityriasis rosea which may just need time to go away. Essential oils have helped with it too and NYR baby balm.


    2. Hi there, I see your purchase on Etsy. I have included a flyer on dryer sheets with your order. Just try the dryer balls plus your favorite essential oil. Then do a wash with no fabric softener and see how you like it. The more balls you use the better it is. Just pm me here or on fb. And I will send more.


  2. I never use fabric softener. When I first started eliminating chemicals, I tried making my own detergent. It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped because I didn’t keep up with it. Then, I switched to Melaleuca. Right now, I’m guilty of being back to Purex but I want to explore the organic, nontoxic options again. One thing I’ve read about for rashes is gut health, but eliminating the skin irritations is important, too.


    1. I never use fabric softener either. I just use Melaleuca Scent-Free laundry detergent in the washer. I have used dryer balls (and still do for some loads) but seem to have static no matter what I do/try. So I use the Melaleuca dryer sheets. Maybe I will have to try these dryer balls!

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