My sister is getting married.

Photo credit: Amy C. Photography

I have only sent my sister around 8,465.5 screenshots of wedding ideas from Pinterest and various websites.

For example, “Sister, may I order this to stand out from the rest of the bridesmaids?”

I find it all hilarious. She probably just wants to turn off my texting options.

In a local Facebook group, someone posted their unique option for a guestbook. I was sold on the idea, but I had to run it by the bride.

After my sister agreed that she loved the idea, I messaged Arrow Town Designs and started the ordering process:

The photo above is what caught my attention on Facebook!

I chose the 30″ option with a dark walnut stain and my sister liked option #4 for the font.

There are many different options for your stain color, font, and you can also choose a 24″ option or request another size you have in mind.

Here is my sister’s final order – which was shipped very quickly and is made extremely well.

My sister wanted to share that it is a great quality, and it wasn’t extremely heavy so it was easy to hang.

How does this become a guestbook? Simply buy some high quality Sharpies and have this on display at your wedding. Then, you seal it afterwards.

Do you have to use this as a guestbook?No, it makes a beautiful gift without being signed. I can see it as a house warning gift, bridal gift, Christmas, birthday, … it’s so unique and special!

And … because you read the blog – use SHOP10 for 10% off!

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