Years ago, our daughter was introduced to many different strategies to attempt to tolerate shots and needles for medical reasons.

As a parent, there is nothing worse than watching your child experience pain, but at different stages of their growth, there will be times when it is necessary to get a shot, an IV or need a blood draw.

Created by a pediatric emergency room physician and mom, the Buzzy uses vibration and a cold pack to confuse the body’s nerves to help control pain. It is frequently requested by children when the need arises.

Read more details about the mini-version here:

There is also an XL version available, and it called the Buzzy XL.

Read more about the XL version here:

While most people automatically think of the benefits for shots (immunizations), IVs, and blood draws, this is also used for: diabetes injections, dental procedures, cosmetic injections, eczema (itching), IVF, scrapes from falls and more!

It’s always a great thing to be educated about options for pain management that is effective and doesn’t require any medications.

I hope you have heard of the Buzzy prior to reading this, but in case you haven’t, I hope maybe you’ll be able to buy one to throw in the diaper bag or your handbag to have on hand when the little one needs it.

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