How to Save Money Shopping Online

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This may be one of the Internet’s best kept secrets.

We all shop online.

Why not get money back – for FREE.


I know we are all skeptical, but I’ve earned over $60; it would be more but I forget to shop through the link every time.

It is the EASIEST way to get money back!

I’ve had the money deposited right into my PayPal account.

A few years ago, my sister told me about a website that gives you a percentage back (2% – 30%) when you shop through their website (or app).

Admittedly, I was skeptical.

I told her it sounded too good to be true, but it really works.

If you already believe me, you can earn $10 by signing up here: 

Or here:

How does eBates make money, so they can offer you money?

Basically, the website is an affiliate. That means they earn a percentage from an online store when you shop through their website, and they give you HALF of their earnings.

In fact, here’s the statement from eBates themselves:

Currently, they have over 2,000 online stores.

Some of the stores you may recognize are:

    Under Armour
    Old Navy
    Rite Aid
    Kate Spade
    Vera Bradley
    JC Penney
    The Chikdrems Place
    Barnes & Noble
    Eddie Bauer
    Sam’s Club
    JoAnn Fabrics
    Land’s End

Here’s my only issue with earning the money back – I forget to shop through the link! If you’re on a desktop they’ve made a solution to that issue. See my photo below:

You can also shop using the app:

If you scroll to the bottom of their website, you will find a few awesome tools – like being able to shop by stores, by categories with popular coupons, and an apps, tools and services category:

There is an option to use this for in store shopping, but I haven’t tried this option yet:

I’m not a fan of having a lot of credit cards, but they do have one available to earn more back as well:

Happy shopping – and earning money back!

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