Be careful.

Many beauty brands are labeling their products as organic or natural when their products are not really certified. This is called greenwashing; it’s an attempt to get you to buy their product while misleading you.

That’s enough to make you lose beauty sleep. Pun intended.

Most beauty products are filled with chemicals and their labels can be very misleading.

I am not shy about sharing that I am a huge fan of Neal’s Yards Remedies from the UK. Started by a teacher in 1981 in London, they are both ethical and organic and have thirty years in the organic beauty industry.

One of my favorite products is the Beauty Sleep Concentrate.

As you read the ingredients, you will notice that water is listed as an ingredient, and of course, essential oils are in every product as well.

Due to water and other ingredients in products, you will noticed this is deemed 90% organic. Here’s the reason/explanation for not seeing 100% organic on products:

Also, each product from Neal’s Yard has a batch number to refer to, a best to use by date, and an expiration, because these are real and will expire.

After washing my face each night, I use 3 or 4 pumps of the concentrate. It does the work while I sleep.

You need this because your face feels so soft, and sometimes, if I feel my face getting dry, I’ll sneak some into my morning routine as well.

One of my MUST HAVES!

You can look at this product here:

I use the other Beauty Sleep items as well. They are all amazing and leave your skin soft and smelling fantastic.



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