After school, I was messaging with a parent (of one of my students). I have been fortunate to have her son in my class for two years. She will check in on her son, and she will follow up on how my daughter with medical needs is doing.

As we were messaging, she asked if I had signed up for Smart911.

In all sincerity, I had no idea what it was and asked her to tell me more.

Let me tell you, EVERYONE should sign up on this website. It provides emergency information and notifications.

She directed me to the website:

The website immediately suggested the app version, so I pressed ‘View’ and made sure to add it to my phone. (I’ve circled the place to view the app in red.)

Then, I went back to the website to begin setting up an account. (I’ve circled the ‘SIGN UP TODAY’ in red.)

Next, the following screen prompted me to begin filling out information. Since the information is for my daughter (and she is a minor), I selected that someone was helping her fill this out.

The rest of this was very easy, and the next step is to enter and confirm your address.

Finally, you are prompted to confirm your phone number. I’ve blocked out the address and phone number, and I’m using my mobile phone so I confirmed via text message. (There are options to receive a phone call or to receive a call later as well.)

Once the text was sent to me with the code, I entered it to officially confirm the phone number.

It confirmed that I was set up, and I selected to receive notifications on both my cell phone and email.

I selected all of the options below as well and selected save.

Be sure to select the ones you’d like to receive.

The next screen will allow me to update the medical information. Also, I will be able to update our address if we move.

I will also be updating some of the information you see below.

I hope I can get a lot of people to sign up for this great service, and I will update you as I add the medical information and try out the app version.

It’s always a great thing to be proactive – and pray that none of us will ever need this.

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