There comes a time, when you realize, you REALLY love a certain pair of workout pants.

Often, the camera catches how frequently you wear them.

A few years ago, I bought amazing, black leggings from Old Navy. For some reason (likely a sale), I grabbed 3 pairs (2 full length and 1 capri).

It was a smart move!

They quickly replaced a few pairs of Zumba pants that had once been my favorites!

As you can see, I rotated those black, Old Navy leggings for teaching my fitness classes.

I have been to Old Navy since, but I just can’t find the right/same leggings.

That’s why I was really excited when a fitness friend posted a pair of workout leggings she loved.

The brand is colorfulkoala.

They have fantastic reviews:

I want to wait to wear them a few times until I give my ultimate review, but the Amazon ratings are fantastic.

They sure feel buttery soft, and there are a variety of colors available.

The only issue – they are popular and seem to be in and out of stock, so at least you can put these on your radar (or read the reviews) and possibly get your new favorite as well as soon as they’re in stock.

Happy working out! Hopefully in your new favorite pair of leggings.


After wearing these a few times, I’ve decided that I either bought them one size too small, OR they aren’t for my body shape. I always keep weight around my middle (3 c-sections, short torso and genetics), and these roll down. Now, I’m going to see how the fit works out as I work out more often. I’ll keep you posted. They are a great quality and very soft.

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