Rolling Cart for the Classroom (or Office)

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A couple of years ago, I bought this rolling cart for my kitchen (from IKEA) – except that it did not work out with the space we had (very limited) and little ones were too curious.

It was such a great price ($29.99) that I kept it for my classroom. The color is a dark blue but black is available as well.

You can still find the rolling cart here:

Instead of scrambling to find glue sticks, highlighters, pencils, scissors, rulers, colored pencils, crayons, disinfecting wipes, whiteboard markers, and so on, the rolling cart leaves everything easy to find. Plus, I can roll it where I need it, too.

I can envision this in an office, art studio or laundry room as well. If I had access to some decals, I may even put some labels on the sides.

Life is so much easier when things are organized.

(If you love Amazon, there are some comparable carts, but I could not find a price that beat IKEA.)

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