We recently had an upswing in illness in our school building.

Very few of my students made it through the last few weeks without some absences.

Introducing the most recent gift (under $13!) to my classroom:

A Touchless Dispenser of Hand Sanitizer.

My students were very excited about the gift. Actually, in all sincerity, they were very grateful. The students have been very conscious about hand washing, but it’s so hard in such a close setting, with a lot of coughing, to avoid illness in school.

Typically, I’m writing a note to pick up more hand sanitizer, because it empties rather quickly – particularly during cold and flu season.

Yet, the students have to push the hand sanitizer’s pump to get the hand sanitizer, so I’m sure that’s a risk for spreading illness as well. That’s when I decided we needed a classroom gift.

The cost for the touchless dispenser was just under $13 with tax. I spend at least that much on the sanitizing bottles each year.

I will update with photos as soon as it’s up on the classroom wall, and I’ve filled it up with hand sanitizer.

Update: The dispenser is on the wall!

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