5 Reasons to use Shipt from Meijer

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If you have not, and you have the option, it is time to join Shipt from Meijer.

You will pay an annual fee of only $49 for the first year using the code: mNnpj (If you use my code, I will receive $50 for Shipt!)

I have fallen in love with the option to have groceries delivered to our house for so many reasons!

Here are the top five!

#1. It helps keep our family healthy. This is vital for our daughter with a very compromised immune system. It literally helps to keep us out of the hospital.

#2. We don’t have to bring the kids to the store. Should I write that again? Let’s face it, when you bring 3 kids to the store, even with precautions and cart covers, someone is licking the cart, or trying to escape and skip away and touch (or buy) everything in sight.

3. It has kept us on a monthly budget for groceries. I can’t wander over to the clothing department if I am not in the store, and I can’t put the Oreos into the grocery cart as I walk by!

4. It is so convenient to keep a “base shopping” list and reorder each week, so our family is eating healthier (and more home-cooked meals), because someone is delivering the ingredients and you can’t buy items as you walk by them. Meal planning is so much easier.

5. If I need $35 worth of groceries, I can get them delivered for free as a part of my annual fee. If you spend less than $35, you are charged $7 to deliver your order.

Finally, don’t forget to tip your shopper (in person or online or on the app), because they just saved you money and time. Sincerely, Shipt has been life-changing and convenient for our family.

It is so easy to use the Shipt app or to shop online.

I’m happy to answer any questions to help you give it a try.

You will love it! If you don’t have a local Meijer, talk to your local grocery store about creating this option for your community.

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