First of all, I definitely can’t take credit for this one – this was a Pinterest find from many years ago, but I’m fairly certain there were a few extra layers of fruit fillings inside the recipe.

As always, I went with keeping it easy, because I make this with the kids for each Memorial Day (and sometimes for the Fourth of July as well).

It looks a little bit different each year, too.

Here is our Memorial Day 2019 version. (I’ll have to dig up a few more pictures to add from prior years.)

If you’d like to make this, you need:

  • Angel Food Cake Mix (follow directions on box – so easy – you only add water!)
  • Cool Whip (I buy the large tub.)
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries

That’s it! Really!

2015 Version:

2016 Version:

As always, easy and enjoy!

Our family is so grateful to spend a day like Memorial Day together to reflect about those who made the ultimate sacrifice, like our cousin, Jesse Adam Snow.

We remember. Thank you.

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