I was so intimidated by fake eyelashes!

I am here to tell you to give them a try! It’s much easier than I thought.

My only experience with lashes was years ago; I went to a salon and had someone professionally apply them. They lasted for a couple of weeks during the summer, but it was expensive, and I didn’t keep up with them.

Most of you told me you haven’t tried them.

I had a few events this summer, so an hour before leaving for one of the events, I stopped at WalMart to grab a few last minute things and decided to randomly grab Ardell Natural lashes (174). It was so random that I didn’t even know to buy lash glue, so I sent by hubby back to buy some. He asked an associate what to grab, and he came back with Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive.

I was crazy and decided to apply them five minutes before I had to leave. I lucked out, and they turned out really well – minus the end on one lash (kept lifting up). I read that if you “kiss” the ends together, after you apply the adhesive, that won’t happen.

Since that first time, I’ve applied them for one other event. Doing them on my own, they have only lasted two days until I have gently pulled them off (pull from outside in). Some people reuse them, but I threw them away – especially since the cost is under $7. I’ve provided Amazon links for you, but I did grab mine from WalMart.

It was really under $7 to do my own lashes! I received a lot of compliments. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I was glad that they looked natural.

Here’s my tips for applying lashes:

  • Apply a thin line of glue and “kiss” the ends.
  • Look down (not up).
  • Start by “dropping” the lash in the middle of your lashes.
  • Sanitize your tweezers and use them to squeeze the lashes down in a few spots (or purchase a lash tool)!
  • Here’s the YouTube tutorial I watched that helped the most:
  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ulYNuZGwxqg
  • I can’t wait to hear from you! Let me know how they turn out!

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