If you followed along during the bathroom update, you knew that I was on the hunt to replace the bathroom lighting.

Here is the before. (I almost forgot to take a picture, so half of the bulbs are out.)

After removing the lights.

I was unsure of what kind of lighting I wanted, but I finally found one I really liked. (https://amzn.to/35s9xXx)

I didn’t even realize I was choosing lights that matched the kitchen pendants I ordered, and at this point I thought I’d be sending the kitchen lights back. You can read about the kitchen pendants here: https://royalechristine.com/2019/09/14/updating-kitchen-pendants/

Sometimes, I have so many ideas that I forget what I have chosen. (I looked at a lot of lights, too.). I didn’t do any measuring, so I was hoping they would work out.

They worked out perfectly!

You can find the lights for $50 here:


I will update with one link to the various bathroom updates soon.

Thanks for reading. Please don’t forget to follow.

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