If you followed the blog closely in August and September, my home renovation projects (mostly DIY) were in full swing.

Here’s the summer outdoor oasis blog:


Then, I moved to the downstairs bathroom. I did the walls, vanity and lighting all on a strict budget. Here’s the lighting blog:


Suddenly, I ran out of steam. I figured that being a mom, back to teaching and remodeling was all a bit too much. Until, I realized – I was so fatigued because our family would be growing and another baby was on the way.

That meant all projects were halted – especially because the next part included painting the bathroom floor.

What could I do to continue with the bathroom? Focus on giving the shower a makeover.

I’ve read a lot about plastic liners, and the negative impact they have on your health, so plastic liners had to go. I replaced them with these amazing fabric liners:


You can see the white, fabric liner in this photo:

Then, I ran into a problem. I was so tired of how annoying it was to change or wash the liners. There had to be something easier, right? There was! These shower hooks are simply life-changing. They move so nicely along the curtain rod, and they are SO easy to take the curtain off and put it back on!


They come in different colors to match your decor as well.

Since the hooks had these amazing double hooks, I knew I wanted to add an outer shower curtain as well.

Unfortunately, I found my shower curtain passing by the clearance aisle at Meijer, so I can’t link it for you, but I can link two shower curtains from Amazon that are absolutely adorable with fantastic prices and great reviews. https://amzn.to/30gENqn

I feel like this one looks a little bit more like the one I chose. https://amzn.to/30gENqn

Finally, at Christmas, I stumbled across the cutest Isaac Mizrahi Shower Curtain at Marshall’s, so I changed things up for a bit. I don’t have a link, but you had to see how cute it is.

Let me know if you update your bathroom. I love to hear that you are reading the blog. It really helps me, when you choose to subscribe to the blog (look below). It simply sends you an email when I post a new blog.

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