I’ve always loved thrifting!

Mchalie and I enjoy going together, and Blakely enjoys coming to ask, “Can we leave? Are you done yet?”

A recent thrifting find had our Star Wars fan (Mchalie) very excited. I let her grab this for $1.99.

I enjoy trying to find out what the retail price would have been for the thrifting finds, and I finally found Yoda on Amazon. These prices do fluctuate, but it looks like it is priced in the $20 range.

If Yoda’s still available, you can find him here:


Or here:


Photo: Yoda is all set up in Mchalie’s room.

I’m so glad we grabbed the Yoda mug, because a Christmas purchase of some Mini Twistables by Crayola (the kids LOVE them for coloring) fit perfectly.

I found a great price on the Crayola Mini Twistables here:


Yoda was a fun find and what a bonus to have cute storage for the mini Crayola Twistables!

Stay tuned for more Thrifty Thursday posts!

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