Yes, you read that right – an outhouse.

This is one of the more unique projects my dad has done since his retirement, but I’ve also been a part of preserving a family outhouse at our camp so I wasn’t shocked,

That sounds so strange.

I’m fairly certain my dad offered (and paid) $20 if I scraped and painted one of the outhouses at our family camp. That was a bargain, because he only recently had to paint it again. I took my $20 work seriously, because that was a couple of decades ago.

His “This Old (Out)house” Project is just too much fun, so I had to share.

Here are some BEFORE photos:

I love that they found a name – Zelda Peryam 1948?

Here are the AFTER photos:

Oh, how I wish I could go back to my younger self, with my head down on the counter at 41 Lumber while I waited (not-so-patiently) for my parents to get more supplies for one of their projects and say, “You’re going to love this someday!”

I probably would have received a giant eye roll, but my parents really have a gift for revamping and remodeling, and it’s been fun to witness.

They’ve always refabbed and recycled, so even though an outhouse is an interesting revamp, I think it’s a great save!

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5 Replies to “This Old (Out)house”

    1. I saw this when i was up there this past summer. I love the Zelda Peryam 1948 too. I love that your Dad chose to bring this old fart, (no punn intended but it sure worked out like that, didn’t it. :)) back to life. Such a talented family.

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