Gnomes are a popular craft this year.

I showed Mchalie some cute leprechauns that people had created and shared on Pinterest. (Follow me on Pinterest! Royale Christine)

Immediately, Mchalie grabbed items we had around the house that she could use to make the leprechaun gnomes.

She had so much fun creating these!

Here’s what she used.

Materials for a DIY gnome:

– Cans (larger size for the male leprechaun)

– St. Patrick’s Day socks

– Plastic bags (stuffing would work, too)

– Yarn

– Hot glue gun & glue

– Gorilla glue

– Wooden beads (only thing we had to buy)

– Scissors


STEP 1. Save a can (or several) for the gnome body. Be careful about sharp edges from opening. (Mchalie used two different sizes, too. She’s waiting for us to eat more of the canned goods, because she has more gnome ideas ready.)

STEP 2. Find some old socks to create the gnome hat. (We had St. Patrick’s Day socks.) Use any color sock you want. You can add in your green, etc. to make it look festive. You’ll want to cut the top to create a tied off look at the top of the hat. Mchalie wanted really tall hats, but you could cut them shorter and make even more gnomes.

STEP 3. Cut the socks (or just slide them over) to cover the can. For the boy gnome, Mchalie used a black sock to cover under the beard, so you couldn’t see the silver can. We were thinking about using spray paint for the can, but this was easier.

STEP 4. Stuff the hat to either stand tall or flop over partially. Mchalie discovered plastic bags from the grocery store worked best for her vision of tall hats. At first, she tried brown, packing paper but it looked really bumpy. Filling would work work well, too.

STEP 5. Use yarn for the hair and/or beard. We had some brown yarn. Mchalie made braids for the girls and a beard for the boy. We loved the idea of orange hair (or a beard), but we wanted to use the things we had here. She used leftover sock scraps to make any hair ties she needed.

You’ll need to either hot glue (or use something like Gorilla Glue) to place the beard and braids on the can/sock.

You can find yarn from Amazon prime here:

Red Heart Yarn in Coffee Brown:

Here’s the orange color we liked, but we didn’t have any.

Lion Brand Yarn in Cayenne:

You can find gorilla glue here:

Or, here’s a glue gun with glue sticks:

STEP 6. Add a nose by using a wooden bead. This was the only item we had to buy from the store. (I was so upset with myself, because I saw a large bag of wooden beads that I passed up a couple of weeks ago while thrifting.) I’m sure you could use something different as well.

Glue and place where you’d like.

Here’s a link to an assortment of wood beads on Amazon:

Here’s what we purchased, but I couldn’t find it on Amazon.

Finally, here’s the result. Mchalie has a lot of fun, and she’s still working on another. I’ll be sure to update with any other DIY Leprechaun Gnomes that she adds.

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