Bookshelf Makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint

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This bookshelf was an unexpected Facebook Marketplace find this summer.

Our daughter (Mchalie) collects and styles dolls, so she was looking for something to display quite a few of them.

The bookshelf was a bit larger than I expected (even though I received measurements), but since I spent time giving the bookshelf a makeover, it’s staying for a while.

First, I took a couple of BEFORE pictures. It looked great, but I wanted to add some color to our house (mostly wood interior).

Next, I requested some help for some very light sanding.

The exact sander I purchased isn’t available, but this one by Black & Decker has fantastic reviews on Amazon:

Next, I wiped off the dust with a damp rag before adding the primer.

I use Zinsser primer for most projects. You can find the primer here:

I bought a brush set at the local store, but since that time I’ve found a brush that I love for projects. You can find that paint brush here:

Finally, after a day of waiting, I was able to use the new Fusion Mineral Paint.

I had to travel to buy the paint at an adorable store (that has since closed) to find a distributor, but this paint is amazing!

In projects I’ve done since the bookshelf, I ordered the fusion mineral paint from Amazon.

I used the color Little Lamb on the bookshelf. You can find it here:

This paint goes a very long way.

I decided to buy the brand name paint brush, because I have done so many projects where my brush is so bad that it ends up ruining the project. A bad, cheap paint brush just isn’t worth the savings.

Since, I wanted to be able to wipe it down easily, I bought the Clear Tough Coat, too. They suggested the sponge-like applicators for the clear coat that I purchased as well. I wasn’t really a fan of the application for the clear coat. I had to be very careful not to drip. It gives a nice light sheen, but on future projects I used a brush and polyurethane for sealing. Polyurethane is a bit more glossy, so don’t use this if you are looking for a matte look.

The first clear coat went on really well, but as I mentioned putting it on with the sponge applicator was tricky.

I forgot to take a picture of the final after, but here is the bookshelf in my daughter’s room today. It’s definitely large enough for her to display a portion of her collection.

I was lucky enough to find another great Facebook Marketplace find.

I had enough paint left to do the top of a table as well. I followed the same process: light sanding (you don’t have to do this step), clean, prime, paint and seal. The clear coat does seem to help with cleaning.

This table was a FaceBook Marketplace find as well.

I had so many projects going on, that I never took final pictures after the clear coat dried, but the final result is similar.

I did two coats of the fusion mineral paint on both the bookshelf and the table.

For future painting projects, I am going to continue using fusion mineral paint.

Since I did this bookshelf, you can see other projects I’ve done with fusion mineral paint here:

Fusion Mineral Paint for the Win:

Small Dresser Makeover:

Bathroom Vanity Makeover:

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