Lil’ Red Rider: Increasing Toddler Motor Skills

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“Physical Activity is one of the best things people can do to improve their health.” – Center for Disease Control (

This adorable Lil’ Rider does not require batteries, gears or pedals. Made for age 2 and older, it uses twist, turn, and wiggle movement to steer.

There’s a lot of core engagement as well in order for kids get their rider moving and using motions to continue to keep it moving.

You can find the Lil’ Red Rider here:

I bought this for Blakely when she was 2, and now this is one of Preston’s favorite outdoor activities. By far, one of the best purchases I’ve made.

Blakely still likes this (probably because her brother is using it), but she is tall and she forgets to put her legs up to coast.

I am so grateful during this time that we have been lucky enough to have some time outside.

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