Whipped Coffee How To (AKA Frappe or Dralgona)

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In my personal Instagram poll, 57% of people who responded said that they had never tried whipped coffee.

Currently, whipped coffee is all the rage – while whipped coffee is the name trending on Tik Tok, it is also known as frappe (or Dralgona), so I’m hopping on the bandwagon to give it a try. You should, too.

Yesterday, my friend Athena’s Facebook post caught my attention – whipped coffee, or as she wrote, the … “Greeks call it, frappé.”

She went on to say, “We’ve been making this for years! If you haven’t had one, give it a go.”

Unfortunately, I had consumed my caffeine limit for the day, so I had to wait until this morning.


– Instant coffee (2 T) – Nescafé works well!

– Sugar (2 T)

– Water (2T to start)

– Milk, water & ice (to your liking)


1. Use a mason jar with lid as a shaker, and add your 2 T of instant coffee and 2 T of sugar (try the real thing the first time) and add 2 T of water (warm) to start.

I used a mixing bowl and hand mixer instead. It was a lot easier (& a lot faster). I took some photos so you could see the changes in color & consistency,

2. Cover the jar and shake vigorously for a minute or two (or whisk) until it becomes lighter. (I didn’t have to use the hand mixer for long – 3+ minutes.)

3. Finally, add a little milk, water, and ice in your cup and pour your mixture over the top.

Here’s the final consistency:

Optional: I sprinkled some cinnamon on top to make it feel like I was at a coffee shop. Now, I feel like a barista.

Enjoy! It’s delicious!

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