Saving Rayon (Eliminate Wrinkles)

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This is a blog post from guest writer, Kelsey Perrault, owner of Red Jacket Boutique.

Tip Thursday: Caring for Rayon! 👗

Advice from boutique owner, Kelsey:

✨ I’ve shared this in the Red Jacket Boutique group before, but it’s a good reminder since a lot of spring/summer items are rayon! ✨

If you’ve ever washed your favorite rayon blouse, only for it to come out pruney and four sizes too small, this is for you!

Rayon has a natural tendency to shrink up in the wash, but it can easily be returned to its original shape and texture!

Wash your items according to the instructions on the tag (hand wash or gentle cycle/delicate + cold water + like colors is always a safe bet!), then hang or lay flat to dry. Chances are, your item may still look a little shrunk up, but there’s an easy fix!

The photo on the left is a 100% Rayon blouse, washed, hung to dry, and not steamed. The photo on the right is the same blouse after steaming and returned back to its original size and shape. Note the difference in the length of the two and the way the fabric looks pulled taut across the chest on the one that isn’t steamed.

Steaming works best if you steam the item from the inside, while gently pulling on the hem to restore its natural shape.

As someone who is terrible at ironing, a steamer is one item that I literally can’t live without! I have steamed everything from dresses to suits to bedding! I even like to throw mine in my suitcase to bring with me on vacation! (They come in travel sizes too if you’re like me and tend to overpack!)

A customer asked Kelsey, “Can you please recommend and send a link to a steamer? All the ones I had spit water after some time so not sure if I need to clean them differently or if I just received a bad one.”

Kelsey responded, “This is the one I have! It comes with several different attachments for different types of fabrics and things like creasing dress pants!”

Sunbeam Handheld Garment Travel Steam Press for Clothes, Bedding, Fabric , Odor removing, Dust mites, Bed bugs

One of Kelsey’s customers added, “I bought a steamer after you posted this last year – game changer. It’s a travel size and I always bring it with me. Best purchase ever and restores clothes beautifully! Prior I had literally donated clothes after washing them once and seeing them shrink. So thanks for the tip! 👏👏👏”

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Red Jacket Boutique has the best clothes for fantastic prices, free (and fast) shipping and excellent customer service. Kelsey goes above and beyond to make your shopping experience the best! Enjoy shopping with Kelsey!

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