How to Dye Easter Eggs with Cool Whip & Food Coloring

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Since we are doing our best to use what we have at home (instead of shopping for things), I noticed that people had used Cool Whip and food coloring with great success for their Easter eggs.

First, I wanted to be sure that the hard boiled eggs were done well, so we could really consume them when we finished. (This is another reason why I used our Cool Whip instead of shaving cream.)

Directions to Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs:

1. Fill a pan with water and set the stove burner to high. Bring water to a boil.

2. As soon as the water starts to boil, use a slotted spoon to place each egg into the boiling water. (Whenever I try to drop eggs without the spoon, they crack.)

3. Set a timer for 12 minutes and leave the stove burner on high to hard boil the eggs.

4. Have a mixing bowl of ice water ready. When the timer goes off, use the spoon to place each egg into the ice water. Use a timer to do this for one minute.

5. Remove them and place back in the egg carton. Then, I let them sit for a couple of hours.

My husband tried one and said they were great hard-boiled eggs.

Now, it’s time to dye those Easter eggs!

What do I need?

– Hard-boiled eggs (see directions above)

– Cool Whip (Shaving Cream but then, I would eat them.)

– Food coloring

– Glass plate (or plastic container or muffin tin)

– Plastic gloves 🧤 (optional)

– Egg container

– Strainer

Step 1: Cover a plate with the Cool Whip. (This is where you may want to use a container or muffin tin.)

Step 2: Add some food coloring. (Blakely was very generous with the green. I think you could use a few drops. In a muffin tin, you could mix the colors you wanted to get a variety.)

Step 3: Gently swirl/mix the colors. (I used the tip of the food coloring and rinsed it.)

Step 4: Take an egg and roll it until it’s covered by the Cool Whip and food coloring. Place them in an empty egg carton. (This is a great time to add gloves. Also, I would have new clothes on the kids. 😀)

Step 5: Place in the fridge for 30 minutes. (Even though we waited for about 40 minutes, we had one egg stay white. If you have time, let them stay a little bit longer.)

Step 6: Place a strainer in the kitchen sink and rinse the eggs. (You May want to wear gloves again, because I had to wipe some of it off even after rinsing well.)

Step 7: Finished! I hope you see beautiful, colored eggs!

The kids loved the results! So pretty!

I definitely want to do this again. It felt easier than some of the egg kits I’ve purchased.

What a great family activity!

Please let us know if you try this and show us how your eggs turn out!

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