Quarantine Family Photo Challenge

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During this worldwide pandemic, many of us are experiencing the stay home to stay safe orders. I’ve tried to add daily blogs that help to make the days feel easier (and hopefully, to lift your spirits).

Truthfully, keeping myself in a routine to share something that I think you’ll enjoy has helped to keep my spirits up as well, so I want to thank you for reading and engaging.

Now, I’d love to challenge you to a family photo session!

On Easter, I knew it was going to be a stretch to get everyone dressed for pictures (along with cooking Easter lunch – which became dinner), and I didn’t have the “good” camera set up, but my cell phone (and a broken tree limb) was ready to capture some family memories.

Now, I was fortunate, because we had ordered dresses for the girls for a Daddy Daughter Dance (unfortunately, it was canceled), along with a bow tie and suspender set from my sister and brother-in-law’s August wedding for Preston.

Part of the fun was dressing up, but you don’t have to for the photo shoot. We were hoping to hire a photographer before the baby came, so this was our chance to try to take our own family photos. (I think a theme would be fun as well.)

Even though it was a little bit chilly, and the kids (and Ryan) weren’t excited about taking photos, they did end up enjoying it, and we did get some photos that I was able to get printed (those are a surprise and on the way – I’ll update soon!)

Here are some of the photos we loved (and I will share links to their outfits after):

Preston, 2

Blakely, 4

Mchalie, 11

The kids together

Family photo (Thank you broken tree limb & self-timer!)

There are a lot more photos, but I’ll share the links to our outfits, and let you start planning.

There is one rule – you must share some of the photos with me if you accept the challenge. (Not to share. I just want to see how much fun you had!)

SHOP Preston’s “Look”/Outfit:

– Bow & Suspender Set:

Hold’Em Suspender and Bow Tie Set for Kids, Boys, and Baby -Navy22″


– Dress Shirt:

Boys’ Short Sleeve Uniform Oxford Shirt


(Note: In the above photos, it was cooler, so Preston wore a long sleeve Baby Gap dress shirt, but this is the shirt he wore in a summer wedding.)

– Dress Shorts:

Dickies Boys’ Pull On Short


(Note: In the above photos, it was cooler, so Preston wore longer khakis, but these are the shorts he wore in a summer wedding.)

– Dress Shoes:

Sperry Toddler Boat Shoes


(Note: In the above photos, it was cooler, so Preston wore his Nike shoes, but these are the shoes he wore in a summer wedding.)

SHOP Blakely’s “Look”/Outfit:

– Dress:

2Bunny Girls’ Peony Lace Back A-Line Straight Tutu Tulle Party Flower Girl Dresses


(Note: It was hard to pick a style and color and some colors are sold out in various sizes. I didn’t realize this was identical to her flower girl dress this summer, but it is and she loves it because it’s comfortable. She’s wearing the emerald green.)


Three Bron – Girl’s Toddler/Little Kid Ballet Mary Jane Flat Shoes


(Note: Normally, I do not link things I haven’t purchased. This is an exception. Blakely’s shoes are similar, but they are sold out.)

SHOP Mchalie’s “Look”/Outfit:


Samtree – Women’s Plus Size Floral 3/4 Sleeve Backless Cocktail Party Swing Dress



Skechers – Women’s Go Joy Walking Shoe


(Note: The dress is longer on Mchalie, so she’s hiding her favorite slip on shoes. We founds her shoes at Marshall’s.)

(My outfit is a black, Calvin Klein jumpsuit that I bought at Macy’s last year. Ryan’s wearing BKE Jeans from The Buckle, a Nautica polo from Marshall’s & Timberland Boots.)

Please keep in mind that I may receive very small commissions when you click on my links and make purchases within 24 hours; however, this does not impact my reviews & comparisons. I share links as an Amazon Affiliate, but these are real purchases. The small commissions received help to pay for this website.

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