DIY Farmhouse Beads for Home Decor

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Several weeks ago, Mchalie wanted to make a do-it-yourself (DIY) gnome. Fortunately, we had nearly everything we needed right here at home.

(Blog link to her diy gnome:

The only thing we had to purchase were wooden beads for the gnome’s nose – which ended up being exactly what we needed to create DIY farmhouse beads.

Here’s a link to an assortment of wood beads on Amazon:

Here’s what we purchased, but I couldn’t find them on Amazon.

How did we create our own farmhouse bead decor?

Step 1. Get some jute twine (we had some), wooden beads and scissors.

Jute twine here:

Step 2. Use your hand to wrap the jute twine to create a tassel. (Mchalie wrapped it around her hand 15 times.)

Step 3: Slide the jute twine off your hand, leaving it in a circle, and pinch it to create to separate circles about 1/3 of the way on the string. Wrap the jute around that area (10 times) and make a knot to secure. You can cut the tassel free.

Step 4: Use the scissors to cut the larger loop on the bottom to create separate strings. Voila! You have your tassel!

Step 5: Use your jute twine and tie a knot at the top of the closed loop. Now, you’re ready to string/thread your beads.

Step 6: Simply add/thread your beads. (This was a family activity, so the beads were added as the kids chose one. We used only large beads, but there are a lot of options for patterns and designs. Also, be sure to trim the end of your string for easy stringing or tape or glue the end.)

Step 7: Once you finish, you’ll end with another tassel. (Simply repeat the tassel directions above. We tied a knot in the end of the string a few times before cutting the end (leaving a bit extra to tie on the end tassel).)

We had just enough beads to make a strand that was just long enough to add a fairly short string of farmhouse decor to our buffet.

I would have liked to add a tag at the end of the string, but I’ll have to wait until we can buy some crafts.

The best part is – this is a very flexible DIY, so modify the directions as you need.

I wasn’t sure how the kids felt about making the beads for home decor, but Blakely keeps bringing them to me, and saying, “We made these together, mom.”

A fun, quick project.

Let us know if you make some DIY farmhouse beads, too.

Update: Blakely wanted to make more farmhouse beads. We used the smaller beads. It wasn’t as easy, so I enjoyed the larger bead strand a bit more. We had fun.

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