How to Cover Your Roots – Blonde & Brunette

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When I’m expecting, I don’t color my hair at all.

It’s simply a personal preference, so my dark roots versus my blonde hair become very obvious – like right now (baby 4 arriving soon!)

I haven’t had my hair done since September (8 months).

Here’s s recent picture for proof.

Since it’s been on trend to have darker roots, I haven’t worried about covering them up – even though, I’m not sure if mine have looked very trendy.

During this quarantine, I’ve seen multiple posts regarding desperate hair needs. With a lot of time on their hands, a few people have been brave and even done their own. I worry about what that could mean for someone who hasn’t done their own hair before – it could lead to a couple hundred dollar fix? (At the salon that isn’t open right now.)

Try these tricks until then. Your salon is going to need your support once this is over.


I’ve seen this recommended by multiple blondes. Normally, I only share what I’ve tried, but again, I’m not covering my roots right now. I’m livin’ on the edge!


This item has the best reviews for brunettes.

If you have a salon nearby that sells these products, please be sure to see if they’ll offer curbside pickup (possibly with payment over the phone). This would be a great way to give our local businesses some support.

Please keep in mind that I may receive very small commissions when you click on my links and make purchases within 24 hours; however, this does not impact my reviews & comparisons. I share links as an Amazon Affiliate, but these are real purchases. The small commissions received help to pay for this website.

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