Safer Eating for Baby & Toddlers (Made in the USA)

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Did you know that plastic products may leak harmful, toxic chemicals?

If you have little kids or even grandkids that visit your home, this is for you!

When it comes to getting toddlers to sit down and eat, it’s common to purchased adorable plates, bowls and cups that boast their favorite character. The problem is – many of these products are made in other countries with very few regulations, and they can be toxic for our children.

As soon as I learned about toxins from plastic, I got rid of almost all of our plastic and had the kids eating from our glass plates – yes, even as toddlers.

That didn’t last long. (Toddlers and heavy glass don’t mix.) I even purchased some stainless steel products, but they didn’t like those. The result – resorting back to plastic!

It was time for something new.

I found a company based in the USA that uses recycled materials (milk jugs) and their products are BPA free.

They are able to go in the dishwasher and microwave, but typically, we wash dishes by hand and use the microwave sparingly.

Here they are:

They feel and look a little bit like the school lunch trays. The kids are really happy with them, and they are a fantastic quality. They love that their food is separated.

We bought the utensils, too.

I may order the matching cups as well.

There are cups with straws:

Sippy cups, too.

Eventually, I’ll replace their bowls.

They have a variety of color options and have more products as well.

They have complete sets as well.

I’m hoping that the kids choose a color and stick with it (but kids would never fight over a certain color! Ha!)

It’s hard in today’s world to be completely toxin free, but even little steps help our families and environment.

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