Easy Strawberry Rhubarb Jam (No Pectin)

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This recipe makes a small batch of jam.

The best part – it only requires 3 ingredients: strawberry, rhubarb & sugar.

You don’t have to worry about pectin, and if you can eat this within a month, you can simply refrigerate the jam – don’t worry about sealing the jar.

This was my first attempt at making jam, and it was the perfect place to begin.

I didn’t have any special canning supplies (aside from canning jars).

I added Ball canning jars to our Meijer Shipt order (but I would consider buying smaller jars since this recipe yields so little).

You can find the 4 oz. jars here:


You can find the pint size jars here:


These are the Ball pint jars that were available via our local Meijer Shipt.


– 3 c. of strawberries (1 lb.) chopped

– 3 c. of rhubarb (1 lb.) chopped

– 1.5 c. of sugar


1. Chop strawberries into small pieces. The time spent chopping the strawberries into smaller pieces lead to less time making the jam.

2. Chop the rhubarb into pieces. Again, the time spent chopping the rhubarb into smaller pieces (1/4 in.) lead to less time making the jam.

3. Mix the chopped strawberries & rhubarb together.

4. Add the 1.5 c. of sugar and mix well. Let this mixture sit for 45 minutes. This allows the juices to come out. (Set a timer.)

5. Use this time to boil your canning jars. Put your jar(s) and lid(s) into a pan. Cover with water and let them boil for 5 minutes. Remove with tongs (I did not have the special canning tongs, but the tongs I had worked well.)

6. Once your ingredients have mixed for 45 minutes, put into a pan on medium heat (I used a saucepan.) Stir for 20 plus minutes.

7. This picture was near the 20 minute mark, but I needed to keep stirring.

8. Do not leave the jam during this time. Keep stirring. This will burn quickly. You will know the jam is finished when the consistency changes.

9. Move your mixture to your jar. Remember, we plan to eat within a month, so there’s no sealing involved.

10. Let it cool before closing the jar and placing in the fridge.

***I had enough strawberries & rhubarb to make a double batch. I doubled the recipe, allowed the mixture to sit a bit longer, and the stirring took a little bit longer.

I wish I had the 4 oz. jars, so I could share with friends. This turned out fantastic and was very easy.

Enjoy! Please let me know if you make some.

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