When you bring that adorable new baby home, nights can be challenging. Our fourth baby recently made his appearance, and he’s wide awake in the night; the new nightlight I found is perfect.

The light charges on a dock (plugged in) and will hold its charge for varying lengths of time (depending on the setting you choose).

On its dimmest setting, it’s a soft nightlight. With another option, it’s bright enough to light up the room for changing and feeding – without being as bright as turning on the bedroom light.

How do you turn the nightlight on/off? Once you’ve turned it on with the power button, double tap on the light.

How do you change the brightness of the light? Hold your hand on the light and the amount of light will change until you remove your hand. You can even choose a warm or cool lighting option.

You can find the newborn nightlight here:


There’s a little book of instructions that comes with the light, and it’s worth the quick read to become familiar with all of the options/features.

Not only has this made the nights a bit easier, it was also a great product for a fair price (under $20).

There’s a caribener clip that comes with the light, so you could actually hang it up.

Recently, we purchased a camper, so I’ll be getting one for it as well.

Warning! If you have a two-year-old dinosaur hunter in the house, they may believe it’s a dinosaur egg. I’m happy to report the light has withstood a few tosses (and falls as well).

You can’t get upset with a dinosaur hunter who simply wants a dinosaur egg (light) for his room, too.

Let me know if you grab a nightlight and send me your review! I’ll take photos when we add one to the camper.

Please keep in mind that I may receive very small commissions when you click on my links and make purchases within 24 hours; however, this does not impact my reviews & comparisons. I share links as an Amazon Affiliate, but these are real purchases. The small commissions received help to pay for this website.

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