How many thermometers do you own?

Prior to November of 2012, we had one – possibly two.

Unfortunately, when our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia (November of 2012), a reliable thermometer was a must have – a fever required a swift response and trip to the hospital.

By the new year, we had thermometers everywhere – travel bags, vehicles, medical bags, etc. The problem was finding a thermometer that was both reliable and accurate.

At one point, we discussed looking into purchasing a medical grade thermometer (if possible).

Fast forward to the year 2020, and we are always on the hunt for a quality thermometer.

My husband found this thermometer:

At the start of the pandemic here in the United States, I wanted to share these, but they sold out immediately. It’s easy to use, because the thermometer uses the forehead or ear to get an accurate temperature. Kids aren’t necessarily fans of getting their temperatures take and add in an illness, and it’s even more difficult. Also, you don’t have to attempt to keep this under their arm or tongue to get a reading.

As of writing this post, the thermometer is finally available to purchase again, but the price has nearly doubled since we purchased it. With the unknowns for the upcoming year and still in the midst of the pandemic, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this (or a good thermometer) now – while they are available.

After reviewing the symptoms of the virus, fevers are still the most common symptom. Taking your temperature every single day isn’t necessary, but temperature is an extremely important vital, and everyone should be aware of THEIR typical temperature.

Around 150 years ago, 25,000 humans were studied to find an average temperature (98.7 F). It’s important to note that recent studies indicate that the average human temperature may be at least a degree lower since the Industrial Revolution. (Source: Harvard Medical School –

In conclusion, if we learned anything from the current pandemic, it’s important to be prepared. Stores – online and in-person – were often out of items that many of us needed, so it would be a great time to purchase things you may need before stores may struggle with supply and demand again. In all sincerity, I hope I am wrong, but I anticipate more potential issues with purchasing items we may need in the upcoming months. It may not be a bad idea to slowly grab items you may need that were difficult to buy over the last few months.

As always, thank you for reading and stay healthy.

Please keep in mind that I may receive very small commissions when you click on my links and make purchases within 24 hours; however, this does not impact my reviews & comparisons. I share links as an Amazon Affiliate, but these are real purchases. The small commissions received help to pay for this website.

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