Years ago, when Oprah Winfrey graced cable television, I rarely missed an episode.

One of my favorite recipes was shared on an episode with Rachael Ray; she made a 5 minute fudge wreath.

Shortly after, I made a version of the fudge wreath, and I have been making a version of the fudge for the holidays ever since.


– 12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips

– 14 oz. sweetened condensed milk (save the can & wrap in Saran Wrap if you want to make the wreath)

Optional ingredients:

– 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (substitute with another flavor like mint, etc.)

– 1 cup of a different “chocolate chip” (white, butterscotch, etc.)


  1. Place parchment paper in a round cake pan to prevent sticking. (Optional: grease the pan instead.)
  2. Place your wrapped can in the middle if you want to make the wreath.
  3. Pour your chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk into a pan.
  4. Heat on low until it melts – stirring frequently so it doesn’t stick to your pan or burn. (This only takes a few minutes.)
  5. Pour your fudge into the pan.
  6. You can make the top smooth or leave it bumpy. Place in fridge until it cools.

This year, I added pretzels to a couple of batches. I simply crushed the pretzels in a Ziplock bag and added them to the fudge (mixing well, of course) just before placing it into the pan to cool.

There are so many ways to use this recipe. Be sure to share your ideas with me. Enjoy!

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