Joanna Gaines Wannabe (and a Crowbar)

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Completely remodel a house in the middle of a huge life transition (500 mile move and a new job)?

Why not! I always wanted to completely remodel a house, but I’ve never been in the position to do so – until a few years ago.

We moved back to our starter home, and it was time to freshen things up after being away for nearly a decade! As luck would have it, I arrived slightly before my husband – which meant if I bought a massive crowbar and tore things out before he arrived – we would HAVE to fix it!

You can sense where this is heading – old carpeting, old floors, old paint, walls, light fixtures … it all had to go! So – it did!

I needed a fresh start in our new/old home, and the only way to make it happen was to start before my husband arrived. Clearly, he’s much more sensible than I am.

The funny thing is, a remodel is nothing like they show on television. I knew this from watching my parents remodel homes, but great help was hard to find; I just wanted a crew to help me finish my vision. (Don’t we all?!?)

Remodeling is always longer and more expensive than you imagine. I wish I was a complete DIYer, but I didn’t have the time or knowledge.

Things really did take time. I’ll share more pictures in the future, but I’ll start with the kitchen. I wanted the open concept that everyone loves (that crowbar removed part of a wall), and I removed our cupboards and replaced them with shelves – a bold move in a small house, but I love it! When your dishes are on display, you have to keep them clean – and it forced me to think about what we really needed. I’d like to say I’m now a minimalist, but that takes some time.

Thanks for reading my first blog! There’s much more to come.

*The matching blind on the right had to be ordered as a custom fit, so it wasn’t in the photo.

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