Easy dip for your Super Bowl Party!


  • Tostitos Chips (Scoop version is best!)
  • Velveeta Cheese (Original – block version)
  • Tostitos Salsa (Chunky Salsa – Mild is my fave)
  • Optional, Sour Cream


Either on the stove or in the microwave melt the cheese, and then, you stir in the salsa – to your liking.

Also, add a scoop of sour cream if you’d like.


Credit to my friend’s dad; he used to make this for us at every sleepover. It’s something I have a couple times each year (and in moderation or my stomach pays), but it always brings me back to middle school – face masks, head gear, movies and sleepovers! ❤️

My cousin, Jillian, messaged to add she makes hers with Ro⭐️Tel, and she adds hamburger! Yum!

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