How to Display a Doll Collection

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Our daughter has been collecting dolls for quite a few years.

She has always wanted to display her collection, but we never had a chance (or the space) to make that happen.

Even in her new bedroom, there’s more space, but it’s an awkward shape (since it was originally an open loft).

We decided a long shelf along one wall would be a great place to start. My husband found the white shelf and black brackets at Menards. The space was exactly 8 feet, so he didn’t have to cut the board. Originally, he purchased 2 brackets, but to be safe, he went back and grabbed a third.

I couldn’t find an 8 foot shelf to link, but I did find a pack of black brackets. We paid around $5/bracket.

You can find them here:

In addition, this summer I purchased a bookshelf from the FaceBook Marketplace and redid it.

You can see the full bookshelf makeover here:

Since that wasn’t enough space, we found the shelf (Menards). Here we are in the process of helping her put the dolls up.

She was able to fit quite a few from her Monster High Collection. We were fortunate, because we had most of the doll stands. We did have to order a few from eBay near the end. (You can see the third bracket added as well.)

She had some Star Wars dolls that she wanted to display as well, but we were out of room so we had to get creative.

I found some Vintage-inspired baskets on Amazon and thought maybe she’d be able to figure something out. It worked perfectly.

You can find the baskets here:

I’d like to tell you that we are finished. Unfortunately, we are to a point where I need to get creative so she can add more dolls to display, or we need to figure out something else.

I’ll keep you updated as we work on displaying the rest.

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